What's wrong with our competition? In a word: HYPE.

Business consultants are notorious for playing to your ego. They will tell you that you are so special and that your business is so unique and so complex that any attempt to increase profitability will require a highly customized approach involving costly up-front feasibility studies, hourly billing, a hefty project fee, and the purchase of the consultant's oh-so-convenient "specialized" proprietary software.

Although we have no doubt that you are a very special person in your own right, the fundamental operations of your business probably aren't. The plain truth is that the vast majority of businesses - regardless of product or service or sales size - operate in a pretty "generic" manner. Fundamental business operations such as assembly, project management, transportation, and employee scheduling are essentially the same whether the business in question is a $20 billion dollar multi-national conglomerate or a family owned lawn furniture manufacturer with $500k in net annual sales.

Furthermore, because these fundamental operations are so generic, improving their efficiency, and hence overall business profitability, is relatively straightforward. We see no good reason for a business owner to pay an enormous fee to “re-invent the wheel” to improve the efficiency of their fundamental operations.