Our primary focus is implementing a broad range of Management Science techniques that will increase your profits by optimizing the cost efficiency of such fundamental business operations as shipping, project scheduling, assembly, and employee scheduling. Take a look at Client Case Examples to get a good idea of the types of services we offer clients.

In addition to the above mentioned traditional analytic techniques, we have developed a number of proprietary optimization techniques such as:

Simulating post acquisition future cash flows of LBO candidates
Optimizing ER resources based of Level 1 Trauma traffic
Trigger points and production run length
Optimizing multi-bay loading dock during peak hours
Safety Stock and Combining Warehouses

Whether your needs are as fundamental as having to determine the most cost efficient way to manufacture a bookcase - or whether your needs are as sophisticated as simulating an entire assembly line in cyber-space to determine its optimal production capacity before spending a dime on its construction - we are prepared to assist you achieve the most cost efficient operation possible.