What's Wrong With Our Competition?

In a word: HYPE.

Business consultants are notorious for playing to your ego, telling you how special you are and that your business is so unique and so complex that any attempt to increase profitability will require a highly customized approach involving costly feasibility studies, hourly billing, a hefty project fee, and the purchase of the consultant's oh-so-convenient "specialized" proprietary software.

Although we have no doubt that you are very special, the fundamental operations of your business probably aren't. The plain truth is that the vast majority of businesses - regardless of product or service or sales size - operate in a pretty "generic" manner. Fundamental business operations such as assembly, project management, transportation, and employee scheduling are essentially the same whether the business in question is a $20 billion multi-national conglomerate or a family owned lawn furniture manufacturer with $500k in net annual sales.

Furthermore, because fundamental operations are so generic, improving their efficiency, and hence their overall business profitability, is relatively straightforward. We see no good reason for a business owner to pay an enormous fee to “re-invent the wheel” to increase profits through improving the efficiency of fundamental business operations.

Why Should You Trust Us?

At the risk of sounding cliché: "Seeing is believing!"

We are unique among business consulting firms in that if we find a solution to increasing the efficiency of your operation we will hand you the solution free of charge. If you then choose to implement our procedures and you see an improvement in the cost efficiency of that particular operation, then, and only then, do you pay us.

You may think us naïve for “giving away the store” before being paid but the caliber of clientele we have dealt with since 2001 has borne out our philosophy. Besides, to be brutally realistic, only an idiot would “poison the well after quenching his thirst but once”.

Our Fees

  • NO: costly preliminary feasibility studies
  • NO: hourly billing
  • NO: hefty project fee
  • NO: maintenance fees
  • NO: purchase of our "Oh So Convenient" proprietary software

We will analyze your situation free of charge and hand you a detailed explanation of what you should do to cost optimize your operation along with a single, all inclusive fee quote. If you accept you can implement our suggestions and if there is no appreciable improvement in the targeted operation's efficiency, then you don't owe us a dime - period.

If this sounds "too good to be true" consider OUR business logic: Experience has taught us to quickly determine if we can help a potential client improve the cost efficiency of a particular area of their operation. And by quickly we literally mean within a week or two. Quite honestly, before we commit ourselves to a client, we are very positive that we will succeed.

Our typical all-inclusive fees range from $1,000 to $5,000 for the types of profit enhancing services described in Client Case Examples. For more involved, complex situations, our fee is 50% of the first two months average gross profit enhancement. Over the years our clients have enjoyed profit increases ranging from a low of 9% to a high of 23% for the first year after implementing our recommendations.

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